December 2019

Are you Ignoring your Personal Financial Plan?


Is financial planning something you think about but never get around to doing? Maybe you feel retirement is a long way off, so you keep consigning it to the backburner? But before you do that again, consider the implications of delay.

People don’t make financial plans

In my article, How much is enough to afford my retirement lifestyle, I discussed the importance of understanding how much you need in your pension bucket in order to retire and maintain the lifestyle you want.

This is an important thought exercise because I encourage people not to think about their retirement in numbers but rather in terms of lifestyle. Having money in the bank isn’t what you’re working for, it’s how soon you can stop working and still generate an income that lets you live the lifestyle you want.

Obvious though this sounds, there are still far too many people who aren’t asking themselves the right questions or doing anything to plan for their financial future.

What are the risks of not planning for your financial future?

Quite simply, not doing any financial planning is about putting the future you want for you and your family, at risk.

The sooner you start building up that pension pot, the more likely you are to achieve it by the time you retire. However, preparing for the future is more than just accumulating as much money as possible. There’s just as much danger involved in working hard to accumulate too much. How would you feel to find out you could have retired one, five or ten years earlier and still enjoy the same lifestyle?

Unless you have a plan, how are you going to know how much is enough? 

Reasons why people put off planning for retirement

Financial planning is a personal journey, so there are many reasons why people don’t get around to it:There’s not enough time in the day to think about financial planning

  • Retirement is too far away to think about yet
  • It’s difficult visualising the future
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t know what a financial plan looks like
  • It’s too daunting to think about
  • I’m worried I’ve already left it too late
  • I’m afraid I won’t like my financial situation when it’s analysed
  • I don’t need to plan because I’ve already built a big enough pension pot

Get excited by your financial future! 

If the thought of risking your financial future makes you nervous, allowing yourself some dedicated time to think about your financial future helps you feel in control again. A few simple steps will get you started:

  • Have a conversation with your partner to make sure future goals and aspirations for you and your family are aligned
  • Visualise the future you want. You should get excited by the process and see it as an investment in your dreams, not just financial transactions
  • Find expert advice to make the most of your finances

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