Provision for Income in Retirement



"Don't talk to me about Pensions I hate them" That's a nice way to be greeted as we walked into a potential clients office. This Business Owner had been refrred to us by an existing client of ours. We immediately responded with "As a business owner you have many methods of more efficiently and effectively providing income in retirement - in fact in certain circumstances a Pension might be the last thing you would need" 

He calmed down - a meaningful  discussion began....

Client Concerns & Immediate Issues

  • Client had lost faith with pensions as a means of providing income in retirement
  • Lack of information & guidance from his existing advisers
  • Was keen to make provision for his retirement but was unsure of alternatives available
  • Would like to reduce his overall tax bill
  • His financial affairs were somewhat disorganised
  • Would like the option to retire at 55

Our Initial Recommendations and Action

  1. Educated the client on the options available in helping him create income in retirement
  2. Simplified & consolidated existing investments & pensions
  3. Developed a disciplined & structured investment programme to create income in retirement
  4. Established individual investment strategy matched to his appetitie for risk & reward

The Results so far

  • Co-ordinated approach to retirement provision, no longer reliant simply on Pensions
  • Reduction of Corporation Tax & personal Income Tax liability
  • Creation of future Tax Free income streams
  • His capital was now working for him & his family rather than locked in his Pension
  • A knowledgeable client making sensible provision for his 'retirement'


Please Note: This document is provided as a working example and for information purposes only this should not be construed as financial or investment advice.