March 2016

Solutions for the Business Owner


Financial Healthcheck


Our financial CHECKUP is designed to help you reduce the risks to you & your family’s wealth of being in business; it also helps to highlight the many financial & tax opportunities available to you.

We are also able to provide you with an impartial second opinion on the financial decisions you have already made and those which you may be considering.

Key Areas of Review (with accompanying text and recommendations)

  • Your Objectives -   the first step in your financial CHECKUP is evaluating your financial objectives
  • Risk Assessment - identifying the risks you are your family's wealth is exposed to and offering solutions to help reduce or eliminate these risks 
  • Debt Management  - how are you doing on controlling your debt?
  • Legal Documents Review - carry out a review of documents such as your Company Will, Personal Will & Trusts
  • Remuneration Strategy – “it’s not what you earn that counts – it’s what you keep” we will consider the most advantageous way to pay you & your fellow directors / shareholders
  • Profit Extraction – consider methods to remove profits tax efficiently into the hands of you the business owner
  • Existing Adviser Review – helping you to work more closely with your existing advisers ensuring they are providing you with the service most appropriate to your needs
  • Investment Review – what rate of return are your investments designed to achieve? What rate of return do you need from your current portfolio to achieve your income or growth objectives?
  • Income in Retirement – helping you to determine your future income and expenditure requirements and to assess the projected future benefits available from your existing and/or proposed arrangements.
  • Opportunities Review – help you to make the most of the breaks available
  • Putting It All Together – a simple, co-ordinated professional service which maximises the chances of achieving your objectives