October 2019

How do I find time to plan for myself as well as for my business?


Take a moment to think where your business would be today if you hadn’t taken the time and effort to plan and prepare for its future. Where would it be if you didn’t continually review the direction of travel and progress towards your business milestones.

Now how much effort do you put into your own personal financial planning? Do you invest the same level of commitment to yourself and your family that you do for your business? If not, why would you expect to meet your own lifestyle goals for the future?

How do you know if you are financially prepared for the future?

When your business takes up so much of your energy it can seem selfish to find the time to think about yourself, but if you don’t, how will you know how much is enough for you to be able to stop working? Do you even know what you want your future lifestyle to look like?

It’s also easy to pin your future financial wellbeing to the fortunes of your business and assume you can sell it as a going concern when the time comes to spend more time at the golf club, on the water or with the family; but the future is never certain.

Failing to prepare is one of the biggest risks to your future security, but when you’re running a business personal financial planning can often be put on the backburner for more urgent problems, especially if you don’t feel you have the time, knowledge or expertise for it.

However, just as you’d consider cash flow, income projections, investments etc. for your business, you should do the same for your personal finances. 

Personal financial planning becomes easier with the right support

The key to successful personal financial planning is not to try it alone. A professional financial advisor should hold you to account for putting aside valuable time for yourself; they can also save you the time and energy involved in the detailed planning process.

The right advisor should challenge you with the right questions: What lifestyle you want to enjoy when you retire? How much will that cost? How can you build that pot of money to provide an income without you working? And when will you have enough?

Planning without a specific goal in mind is as much a waste of time for you as it is for your business. The financial planning process also becomes more engaging, exciting and worthwhile as an investment of your time when you see the potential opportunities opening up. 

So, isn’t it about time you put as much effort into planning for your future, and your family’s, as you do for your company?

Holborn Financial

Holborn Financial is a chartered financial planning consultancy based in Wimbledon, South West London, though we have clients nationwide.

Our approach throughout the 25 years we’ve been in business has always been to help clients put the financial planning in place to live their desired lifestyle. Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists are dedicated to helping our clients achieve that goal.

Services such as our financial health check help you to jump-start your personal planning and quickly gain clarity of your current situation. Going forward, regular reviews will feel like a positive way to spend your time as your business and personal planning complement each other and avoid the danger of becoming interdependent.

If you’d like to learn more about planning for your future lifestyle, or you need expert advice on tax, investment and planning opportunities, contact Holborn Financial today and talk to one of our planning experts.


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